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In different situations, HUNOS run the import process with the most cost-effective and always assessing whether the product meets the needs of industrial and commercial segment of the market they want to reach.

Import, or purchase goods from other countries is an effective alternative to expanding markets, especially when there is a shortage of product on the market, when we speak of a breakthrough product launched abroad or when they're getting a good capital which will increase its production.
Services in the area of import:
• Freight Quote / booking / tracking of shipment and arrival of all means of international transport;
• Assistance in opening / letter of credit analysis;
• Preparation of documents necessary for clearance of goods-(LI, DI, ROF etc.);
• Review of documents provided by the importer;
• Payments of taxes due on importing process;
• Studies in special projects as temporary admission, re, donation, drawback etc.
• Releasing of lading from the banks, consolidators, shipping companies and airlines;
• Information about current rates;
• Calculating the cost of final product (comprising taxes, customs fees, transport etc);
• Obtaining D.T.A. - Customs Transit Declaration and proceeding / release of cargo in customs warehouse;
• Coordination of the load terminals (spawning) and / or storage (TRA / EADI).
  • Exportation

  • Importation

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