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Porto de NatalCreated in Natal, province of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil in the year of 1989 willing to provide an easy conscience to customers when it comes to advice on Export, Import, Logistics, Customs Clearance, Consulting Exchange, International Trade Offices, and Open Market, Hunos Export, Import & Logistic is a company which values quality and searches for the best results to our clients.

We provide services related to foreign trade, and we are known in the market for the reliability, trust and honesty we inspire in our customers.

We have a network of associate partners working in the main Brazilian ports and airports and also Worldwide, which allows a state with a position to offer, the best set of services for International Business. Connected to a network of cargo agents in over 230 countries, HUNOS is able to bring your cargo from anywhere in the globe, with total security and professionalism. It has its own physical structure, appropriate to the needs of its customers and keeps staff updated and prepared to act in the whole trade chain.

Operating in several market segments, especially in the Northeast of Brazil. Where the main exported products are: fresh and frozen fish (ie: tuna, meka, shrimp, lobster, etc); tropical fruits - fresh fruits "in-kind" fruit pulp (ie: melon, mango, grapes, pineapple, papaya, passion fruit, mangaba, coconut, etc); Minerals (ie: iron, manganese, tantalite, granites, stones decor and flooring), textiles and handicrafts, cashew nuts kernels, cleaner products, etc.

In the import, we operate in several segments. Such as medical equipment, textile equipment, soft drinks, textiles, information technology, products for the cleaning industry, equipment for the oil industry, fishing equipment, fishing bait, etc.
All in all, HUNOS can assure their customers, whether on importation or exportation, your company will always be safe and in good hands.

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