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To achieve success in the export process HUNOS participates actively in all stages of the exporter to make the sale of products outside the national territory. With the globalization that characterizes the modern economy, exports of goods and merchandise is increasingly used.

The sales operation includes the exit of the goods from the original country, plus international transportation and entering inside another country with different rules and laws, with procedures and habits different from ours, requiring the respect of the Brazilian laws, amongst the international transport of goods, and the destination country. Thus, these procedures which characterize the export process are performed by HUNOS and its professional staff.

Export Services:
• Freight Quote / booking / freight tracking pre / post-shipment, confirmation of shipment and arrival at destination in all modes of international transport;
• Issue of documents required for clearance of goods (RE, DDE, RV, etc);
• Issue the necessary documents for negotiation and release of cargo abroad (invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, phytosanitary certificates, drafts, etc);
• Analysis of the letter of credit;
• Calculation of costs in exports (comprising customs fees / stuffing / international transport);
• Issuance of shipping documents;
• Release of the cargo by the IRS;
• Annotation of D.D.E. with the competent organs;
• Coordinate stowage of cargo from the terminals;
• Follow-up survey of cargo which need prior clearance from public offices and private, such as the Ministry of Agriculture (PAE - application for boarding), Ministry of Health Inspectors and Companies;
• Issuing proof of export.
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