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International commercial representation



HUNOS EXPORT, IMPORT & LOGISTIC, founded in 1989 in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, aims to assist companies involved in international trade, either in export or import, international logistics, international representation for release of foreign products in domestic market.

We hope to offer your company the opportunity to introduce your product in the Brazilian market, with the potential of almost 200 million consumers, and that in the month of August/2010, according to WTO-World Trade Organization, was the country with the largest proportional increase in imports in the world, up to China, so far at first.

Faced with this market growing each day, HUNOS EXPORT, IMPORT & LOGISTIC want to be your partner in Brazil, opening the market and putting its products into the hands of Brazilian consumers.

Already we have seen several companies, leading Brazilian businesses to know several foreign markets, and now we want to do the opposite: Bringing foreign companies and their entrepreneurs to Brazil with a view that Brazil is currently caring so much for your very strong currency. Brazil has many opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs in all market segments.

If your company does not have a Sales Representative in Brazil, HUNOS is able to meet their demand, and can represent them in all Brazilian states, forming the sales team, organizing the internal logistics, storage, etc..

Please contact our representative and we will have great pleasure to meet them: Phone: 55-84-4006-1000 Fax: 55-84-4006-1010 Contact Person: Mr. Atila The Feitosa E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Skype: pescmarexp Website: www.hunos.com.br We speak: Portuguese, English and Spanish

HUNOS EXPORT, IMPORT & LOGISTIC since 1989 Excellence at it.